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10-24-03 (submitted by Sarah) Q: The Meadows mouse family set that was sold briefly in North
America, did they also have bending babies (not just a twin set)??
A: Unknown. There is evidence that standing babies exist, but I am not certain of when or where they were released. The most popular theory is that they were released in the US as part of the Meadows Mouse family. I am not certain of this, as I have never seen a standing mouse baby (even when they were first released in stores). It is possible they are Japanese, released in the early 90's.
10-24-03 (submitted by Sarah) Q: On your Sylvanian checklists you mention a fox wedding set. What kind of foxes are they?
A: They are Slydale Foxes. The Fox Wedding set was released in the late 80's or early 90's in Japan. It is a very rare set.
10-20-03 (submitted by MB) Q: What is the little grey bear that comes in a carry case called and what family is he in?
A: The baby gray bear in the carrying case does not have an official name. However, the gray bear family is known as the Evergreens, and they baby boy is Dusty. Therefore, Dusty Evergreen would be an appropriate name for him.
9-24-03 (submitted by CKH) Q: Which Sylvanians are older, the flat hands or the open hands?
A: It depends. All Japanese figures have flat hands, so both old and new figures have the flat style hands. As for US and UK figures, flat handed figures were produced until about 1990. After that, all figures had open hands, and most (but not all) of the old flat hand figures were re-released as an open hand version. (Open hands refers to figures that can hold things, while flat hand figures can not hold items.)
9-17-03 (submitted by robtslee) Q: What countries have collector's clubs? Also, are the stories and books still available in English?
A: Currently, only the U.K. and Japan have Sylvanian Families Clubs. The US (Calico Critters) is considering introducing a club, but has not yet. To the best of my knowledge, there are no Sylvanian Families books available in English at this time. About 8-10 short books have been released in the past, and they can be found on the secondary market.
8-16-03 (submitted by Sue) Q: Please can you help me verify some potential 'intruders' in my recently acquired small Sylvanian Collection? I have four hippos and what looks like a pair of sharp-snouted, brush-less fox-like creatures. All are slightly heavier and a tiny bit taller (but not much) than the other creatures. All are dressed in what appears to be authentic Sylvanian garb. Are they interlopers?
A: The Hippos and Foxes that you found are other brands, not official Sylvanian Families. The Hippos are a popular brand called Forest Friends. This line is known for having lots of unusual animals, like elephants, parrots, turtles, tigers, and hippos. The foxes could be Forest Friends as well, they did make a fox family (which was dark red in color). The foxes could also be Maple Town, another Sylvanian like toy which found its greatest popularity in the US.
7-14-03 (submitted by Rina) Q: Do the re-release version of the Urban Life gray cat and orche dog family have their babies?
A: No. The babies were not included in the re-release version of the Urban Life gray cats and ochre dogs. The were released as family 4 packs only.
6-29-03 (submitted by several different people) Q: What are the first names of the US Hoppinset Rabbits and the Huntington Bears?
A: I don't know all of them, but here are the names that I have gathered so far from different people: The Hoppinsets: Mother Sybil, Father Kendall, brother Austin, sister Trina, baby girl Minnie, baby boy Troy, and grandmother Rosanna. Huntingtons: Brother Miles, sister Sara, baby girl Greta, baby boy Freddie, grandfather Hamburg and grandmother Hannah. All we are missing now is mother and father Huntington and grandfather Hoppinset. Do you know their names? If so, please e-mail me and I will add them to this answer!
6-21-03 (submitted by anonymous) Q: How many families are there in the Urban Life range? Do you think they will be released again?
A: There are nine families total in the Urban Life series: Maron Dogs, Orchre Dogs, Ivory Dogs, Brown Dogs, Ivory Cats, Gray Cats, Cream Cats, Ducks and Goats. Two of the families, the Gray Cats and Ochre Dogs, have both been rereleased recently in very limited numbers at the Sylvanian Shop in Japan. However, this has not made them any less expensive or easier to find on the secondary market. It is possible that more families will be rereleased in this fashion, but it is impossible to say for sure.
6-21-03 (submitted by anonymous) Q: Which families have grandparents?
A: In all locations, the Timbertop Brown bears, Evergreen gray bears, Babblebrook gray rabbits, and Wildwood brown rabbits have grandparents. Marmalade bear grandparents are exclusive to the UK. In the US, Hoppinset (Corntop) rabbits and Huntington (Honeybear) bear grandparents were released for a short time. In Japan Ivory Rabbit grandparents were released early on and again more recently. Grandparents for the Cotton rabbits, Macavity cats and Milky rabbits are also exclusive to and currently available in Japan. is a fan site, it is not affiliated in any way with Sylvanian Families, Calico Critters, or their distributors.
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